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DAMON CAPITAL CORP. (DAM-P.V) - Buy, Sell or Hold?

Trade DateCurrent Candlestick PatternPrevious Candlestick PatternWhenPerformance Since
Wed, 31 Dec 1969NoneNoneNoneNone
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0.00 (0%) Dec 31 4:00pm EDT
Open: Range: - Vol: 0K Avg Vol: 0K
EPS: 0.00 P/E ratio: 0.00 EBITDA: N/A Mkt Cap: N/A
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Short Term: Trend is Down
Last Trade is below the 5 day moving average at
Medium Term: Trading is Range Bound
Last Trade is below the 20 day moving average at
Last Trade is below the 50 day moving average at
Long Term: Trend is Down
Last Trade is below the 200 day moving average at
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Stock Trend Analysis - Buy, Sell or Hold "DAMON CAPITAL CORP." (DAM-P.V)?

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